What Should Drive You To Want to Buy a House in Kenya!

Home-Haven by Axis Assets.

Part 1

Besides the inborn need to have shelter, I believe that we all foresee owning a home at one point. However, the desire to buy and own a house in Kenya is not sufficient enough to drive you to actualize your dream. We all need an aspiration that gears us toward going for the house we dream of.

On this first episode of the Home-Haven series by Axis Assets, we explore the various aspirational factors that can drive you to begin your home-buying journey in Kenya.

  1. Stability and Long-term Investment:

When you own a house in Kenya it provides you with stability and security, well not entirely, but because it offers you a permanent place to live. Besides, you may consider it a long-term investment that can appreciate over time, potentially providing financial security for your future.

2. Sense of Ownership:

We began by acknowledging that we all desire to eventually own a home. This, in itself, is a driving factor to personalize your desire, by looking for a house that matches your preference and lifestyle. In short, you have control over your living environment.

3. Cost Savings:

In the long run, buying a house can be a more cost-effective way than renting. While the initial costs may be higher, focusing on the future cost-saving benefits, you will easily work towards owning your own house. Additionally, owning a house in Kenya allows you to build equity and benefit from potential property value appreciation.

4. Retirement Aspirations:

Buying a house in Kenya can be driven by your retirement aspirations. By owning a home, you can secure a place to live and enjoy your retirement years avoiding rental costs and having control of your living environment.

5. Family and Stability:

Owning or buying a house in Kenya is often associated with providing a stable family environment. We believe that it offers a sense of permanence and allows you to establish your roots in a particular environment.

6. Cultural Norms:

Kenya is a country with diverse multicultural practices and owning a house or home is one of the highly valued aspects. It is considered a significant milestone in one’s life as it represents one’s success, achievement, and social status.

7. Lifestyle Preferences:

Lastly, one of the significant factors that drive people to want to buy a house, is to satisfy their lifestyle preferences. Most individuals prefer the freedom and flexibility that home ownership in Kenya provides for them. They have the liberty to choose their living spaces, have their desired modifications, and work within budgets.

Remember, each individual’s motivation and aspirations for buying a house in Kenya vary due to diverse personal preferences, financial goals, values, and lifestyle needs. Therefore, it is important to ask yourself what is driving you to want to buy and own a home/house in Kenya.

Check out Part 2 of the Home-Haven series, “The House-Wanting Challenges” as we continue to empower you through the world of home-buying in Kenya.

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