Our Company

At Axis Assets Limited, our passion is all about curating lifestyles, building communities, and finding spaces where dreams unfold. Founded in 2018, with a commitment rooted in unwavering integrity and an unrelenting drive for excellence, we strive to redefine the realm of real estate.

Our team strives to achieve the highest level of transparency and honesty with each transaction that we handle. We also offer tailored services to cater to various client’s needs.
We believe that integrity is our secret growth formula.

Welcome to a world where real estate is more than just buying and selling – it’s about curating stories, fostering long lasting relationships, shaping futures, and making dreams come true

Why Axis Assets Ltd.

  • Strategic investment opportunities
  • Innovative market insights
  • Transparent & collaborative approach
  • Maximized returns


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Our Values


We believe in unwavering honesty and ethical practices, ensuring that every Real Estate transaction you make with us, reflects our commitment to trustworthiness and reliability. We prioritize doing what’s right fostering long term relationships built on integrity and accountability.


Transparency isn't just a principle; it's our way of life. At Axis Assets we open the doors to clear communication, providing investors with clear insights into every aspect of their real estate journey. Our commitment to transparency establishes a solid foundation for mutual trust and understanding.


In the fast-paced world of real estate, efficiency is key. Our primary focus is to deliver swift, streamlined services without compromising quality of your experience. We leverage industry expertise to ensure our processes are seamless, optimizing every aspect of property management, sales, and listings to exceed expectations.

Our Services

Property Management Services
We believe that property ownership extends far beyond acquisition; it's about stewardship, care, and optimizing the value of your investments. Our Mission is to maximize client income by applying exceptional real estate property management skills..
Property discovery, acquisition and customized solution
We understand that finding the perfect property is about discovering a space that resonates with your lifestyle, aspirations, and investment goals. Our property discovery and acquisition strategies are crafted to match our diverse clients’ ....
Investment advisory
Our primary goal is to ensure we deliver unparalleled investment solutions designed to address the primary concerns of modern investors. We are committed to maximizing returns while mitigating the risks associated with real estate investment, guaranteeing our investors returns of up to 25%....

Our team

Arthur K Mwaura
Business Development Director
Arthur K Mwaura
Business Development Director

Intelligent, ambitious, energetic and proactive perfectionist. Working with Arthur K Mwaura is a signature of success.

Wambui tatia
Head of Marketing
Wambui tatia
Head of Marketing

Intelligent, ambitious, energetic and proactive perfectionist. Working with Wambui tatia is a signature of success.

Joshua Njuguna
Digital Marketing Executive.
Joshua Njuguna
Digital Marketing Executive.

Specialist in social media finesse and creating a narrative that speaks directly to your aspirations.
Let's connect your dreams with perfect investments.

Esther Wanjiku Kagwaini
Sales Agent
Esther Wanjiku Kagwaini
Sales Agent

I'm your compass navigating the realms of real estate opportunities. Let's embark together on this exciting journey towards your perfect space

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