Do you intend to purchase land in Kenya? Here are the most lucrative places in Kenya to buy affordable plots.

Property costs in Kenya have skyrocketed recently, with some upscale locations seeing prices per acre of over USD 3 million. Land and property values in Kenya will increase over the coming years as the nation continues to develop due to the ever-growing population and high demand for land for residential and commercial property development.

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Continue reading if you’re looking for the best places in Kenya to find affordable land. After reading this post, you’ll be able to choose where to find affordable land for commercial, agricultural, and residential developments that you can use now or sell later. The top 8 places in Kenya to buy affordable land /plots for investment are listed in this article.

1. Nanyuki

One of the greatest locations in Kenya to buy cheap parcels for investment is Nanyuki. It is a town in Laikipia County that has existed since before the arrival of the British. Game reserves, parks, the stunning Mount Kenya, and top-notch dining establishments surround the town. It serves as a center for training military soldiers and is home to the Kenya Army, the British Army Training Unit in Kenya (BATUK), and the Air Force Kenya. The population of Nanyuki is expanding and consists of inhabitants, army personnel, white settlers, Kenyans from surrounding counties, and other nationalities. Land prices in Nanyuki have been rising quickly in recent years, making the city a hotspot for real estate speculators.

 In terms of investment and economy, the area’s tourist attractions, white settlers, the BATUK, a large number of horticultural and floriculture projects, a decent selection of accommodations up to international standards, the Nairobi-Nanyuki railway, and housing complexes like Mount Kenya Wildlife Estate make Nanyuki a great place to invest.

The land and property are expected to appreciate significantly over the next years as the town, and its environs continue to grow.

2. Ngong

 Ngong is another place with affordable plots for both commercial and residential developments. With land costs rising quickly, it is gradually becoming the majority of Nairobi city residents’ new bedrooms. One of the factors luring investors to the area is its proximity to Karen and the Nairobi central business district (CBD). It is only 30 kilometers from the CBD, making it convenient for those working in Nairobi to travel,  thus attracting most investors buying for residential construction.

The Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) and the Ngong SGR station, have expanded the opportunities for investors in the region. The traffic on Ngong Road has also been much reduced due to its extension. The value of the local commercial and residential properties has increased due to the tarmacking of the Ngong-Kibiko subway road.

Land prices in Ngong are said to have increased by 12.9% due to the recent development, which is more than in other places. Previously going for KES 500,000, a 50×100 plot is now going for KES 1,000,000.

Semi-Detached Townhouse For Sale In Ngong

3. Juja Athi

Another great location to purchase land or a block of land in Kenya at a reasonable price for investment purposes is Juja Athi. Juja Athi is located in Kiambu County,  34 kilometers from Nairobi’s central business district, 15 kilometers from Juja town, and 4 kilometers from the renowned Juja Farm. This one is one of the satellite towns in the Nairobi Metropolitan Area with the quickest growth.

The tarmacking of the Juja Farm Road has significantly raised interest in the Juja Athi property. Depending on the area, a 1/8th sells for KES 595,000.

Due to its proximity to Nairobi’s central business district and the ease of daily travel there for employment or other purposes, Juja Athi also draws investors. Your money will be best spent if you invest in commercial and residential real estate in Juja Athi.

4. Kangundo Road.

Kangundo Road has been famous among Nairobi locals, primarily due to its location. It is about 40 kilometers from the CBD.

These areas gained notoriety due to the affordable prices at which their best plots were made available for. Recently, the price of purchasing land has increased; for example, a 50×100 that sold for KES 50,000 in 2006 now costs between KES 1,000,000 and KES 3,000,000, depending on the region. But don’t allow the sheer number of them to scare you. Despite being far from the shopping malls, some plots on Kangundo Road are available for less than 1 million. Intelligent investors can buy land in these locations for a bargain before prices increase.

The government’s plans to extend Kangundori Road and connect it to Thika Road and Mombasa Road will still cause land in this location to appreciate more quickly than other areas.

The region has seen a large influx of real estate developers who have built gated communities of modern bungalows and mansionettes that sell for between {ksh6.5 million and {ksh 10 million. The developments of these estates have substantially enhanced the residential and commercial profiles of the area.

Additionally, Kangundo Road offers outstanding amenities like hospitals, top-notch schools, retail malls, places of worship, and access to agricultural items that are freshly made and priced affordably at Ruai Market every day. These products are grown by local farmers and sold there.

Kangundo Road property ownership is like possessing a gold mine. The region is expanding quickly and bringing in land investors from all walks of life, local Kenyans, and people from the diaspora.

5. Kitengela.

Without mentioning Kitengela, a list of the best areas to buy affordable prime plots in Kenya would not be complete. Like the Juja Athi, Ngong, and Kangundo roads, the Kitengela area is impacted by its geographic location. It is 37 kilometers from the Nairobi Central Business District in Machakos County. Additionally, as one of the places with the quickest growth, it offers more excellent prospects for real estate investors.

Like in most places, the price of land in this region depends on how close it is to the town; the cheapest plot, for instance, is 50 by 100, which costs about KES 2 million.

 Kitengela is a bustling community that is great for raising a family. Good hospitals, supermarkets, kid- and family-friendly activities, a thriving nightlife, and good schools are all present.

The expressway’s completion has opened up new opportunities for local investors and significantly reduced traffic on this road.

Land values in Kitengela and its surroundings are anticipated to soar due to Mombasa Road’s infrastructural development and other considerations.

For more information on prime plots in Kitengela, you can check out Enka Siti Estate, Kitengela and Sironka Estate in Milimani, Kitengela.

6. The Eastern Bypass

The Eastern Bypass highway connects Mombasa Road and the Thika superhighway. This road’s expansion has bolstered local real estate activity and significantly raised the area’s real estate profile. It used to take more than an hour to go to and from the CBD, but with the extension, it now only takes less than 40 minutes.

 As a result of developments taking place in the areas near the Eastern Bypass, the price of a residential plot in Kamakis just 2 kilometers from the road is now more than doubled. A plot 1/8 in Kona areas that sold for between Ksh 500,000 and Ksh 700,000 a few years ago has now more than doubled in price.

The finest spot to invest money right now is in Ruirui. With significant construction projects, including Tatu City, Brookside Dairy, and Kenyatta University, it is one of the fastest-growing towns and a popular location for both residential and business ventures.

Additionally, the region has many fantastic amenities, like hospitals, supermarkets, schools, churches, and restaurants, including the two Artcaffe locations. These places are also experiencing a business boom, and a ton of cutting-edge, luxury real estate projects are in the works. Any opportunity to make investments along the Eastern Bypass should be seized immediately.

7. Diani

 Diani would be a wonderful investment place if you were considering doing business in Mombasa, Kenya. World Travel Award has named Diani Beach the finest in Africa for the past six years.

Some of the most opulent five-star resorts may be found in Diani.

The Dongo Kundu Bypass, which the government is currently constructing, would quickly increase the real estate value in this region.

This route will shorten the travel time between Mombasa (North Coast) and Diani (South Coast) in half as opposed to the current two and a half hours.

There will be less traffic at the Likoni Ferry crossing as more people use the reliable, comfortable dual-carriageway.

8. Malindi

Malindi is ideally situated between Mombasa and Lamu. All year, tourists flock to Watamu and the Malindi Marine National Park.

Land in Malindi is still in the affordable range. Unique waterfront properties can be found in Malindi for a fraction of the price in Mombasa. Malindi also sees the construction of new homes that are very reasonably priced. Even high-end homes in Malindi come at excellent rates. This is undoubtedly the best time to invest.


Property prices will keep rising as Kenya experiences more development. The wisest choice you will ever make is to invest now while they are still reasonable. Our organization, has a staff of skilled and qualified real estate advisors who can assist you in purchasing a home in any of these areas. To identify properties that could interest you, look through our listing.

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