May 2023

How Demographic Trends in Families are shaping the Future of Real Estate

Demographic Trends and Families: Shaping the Future of Real Estate Dear reader, You are probably wondering what this year’s International Day of Families Theme (Demographic Trends and Families) has to do with shaping the future of Real Estate. Well, grab a cup of water as we feed you some food for thought! In today’s rapidly changing world, demographic trends hold a significant role in...

How Big Of A Home Do You Need? – Renting Or Buying?

There are many assumptions that go with buying or renting bigger houses. It is actually everyone’s dream that they own the biggest of houses. Sadly, this remains a dream for most. Not because they couldn’t own a house, but because they felt it was not matching their “dream” big house or their finances couldn’t match up. At times renting and owning might even cost the same. It all comes down...

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