Case Scenario: Mastering Off-Plan Investment in Kenya

How do you become Wealthy in Kenya?

Of course, if you have good morals you cannot do “Wash Wash,” fraud, theft, or only fans (I did not say these things make you wealthy,).

If you truly want to grow your wealth in Kenya, there are unlimited opportunities out there that you can explore. Mastering off-plan investment in Real Estate is one of the best opportunities you should consider if you want to grow your wealth. 

Here is a case scenario of how mastering Off-plan investment in Real Estate offers you an avenue to grow your wealth in Kenya steadily over time.

The Off-plan Investment Scenario

Barrack a first-time investor, decides to explore off-plan investment. After conducting thorough market research, he identified a promising project listed by Axis Assets Limited. The project, a high-rise residential complex is strategically located in the prime area of Kilimani.

Factors Considered (Off-Plan investment)

  1. Market Research: Barrack was initially inspired by a video on how “you can make 2 million in two years through off-plan investment.” Barrack then analyzes the area’s (Kilimani) growth potential, considering population growth, infrastructure development, rental demand, and accessibility. If you are not new to Kenya you know the demand for residential properties in Kilimani is soaring by the day.
  2. Seeing is believing: Barrack was determined to confirm the project was real and organized a site viewing. The site visit was successful, and Ogolla confirmed that the off-plan project was real.
  3. Developer Reputation: Through the help of a well-experienced team and his research, Barrack was able to get to understand the developer’s track record. The findings showed a successful history of projects reaching their completion on time and within budget. This instilled confidence in the credibility of the project.
  4. Legal and Financial Due Diligence: Barrack consulted his legal expert to ensure the project’s legality and viability. A thorough analysis revealed no red flags in the investment opportunity.

Investment Strategy for Off-Plan Investment

With a long-term vision of expanding his wealth, Barrack decided to invest in several units within the off-plan project to diversify his portfolio. This enabled him to negotiate a favorable payment term with the developer, allowing him to secure his investment within his capabilities.

Get to Know how Barrack was able to mitigate the risks, maximize his returns, and the outcome of his off-plan investment in our next article 👉 Case Scenario 2: Maximizing your Off-Plan Investment in Kenya

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