Property Ventures in Kenya


Kenya has experienced significant growth in the real estate sector providing room for various property venture opportunities for both local and foreign investors. In Part 5 of the Home-Haven series by Axis Assets, we explore these opportunities that you can venture into as a real estate investor.

  • Residential property

This is an opportunity that involves developing, constructing, or purchasing housing projects to solely meet the growing demand for housing, eg. apartments, maisonettes, townhouses, etc. You can venture into residential property development for your personal use and for commercial gain through rental income.

Executive Studio Apartment in Ruaka

  • Commercial property

When companies are looking for the best places to grow, commercial real estate steps in. It is a venture that focuses on attending to the expanding business and retail needs. Commercial properties include

1) Office spaces – designed for businesses from startups to multinationals and offer well-designed spaces to improve productivity.

2) Retail outlets – offer stores, restaurants, and shops an opportunity to attract customers with their unique products and services.

3) Showrooms – allow companies to present their offerings to potential customers.

  • Industrial properties

Kenya’s economic growth is greatly influenced by its robust industrial real estate sector, which acts as a strong pillar for the thriving manufacturing and distribution sectors. The demand for industrial and logistics properties such as warehouses, factories, and industrial parks provides an opportunity for you to venture into this sector.

  • Mixed-use properties

As cities evolve and urban lifestyles embrace convenience, mixed-use real estate has become a popular option. Mixed-use properties involve residential and commercial spaces that are blended together in a balanced setting. Mixed-use properties encourage vibrant lifestyles in a shared space that integrates living, working, and recreational aspects for residents.

  • Special-use properties

Special-use properties are designed to meet specific needs. These properties can include healthcare facilities, educational centers, recreational facilities, religious centers, gas stations, fire stations, etc.

In conclusion, the world of real estate property in Kenya includes different property types tailored to suit different needs. As you go through your real estate journey, remember there are many opportunities you can venture into and have a return on your investment.

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