Property Types in Kenya

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Part 5

Property Types in Kenya

Begin your new week with property inspiration in Kenya. In part 5 of the Home-Haven series by Axis Assets, we explore Kenya’s diverse world of real estate properties. From charming apartments to luxurious townhouses, this article will showcase the captivating journey through Kenya’s finest property types as we help you identify your next dream home.

  • Apartments:

One of the common property types we are familiar with is Apartments. They offer convenience and often come with shared amenities such as parking areas, security services, gyms, swimming pools, etc.

  • Bungalows:

These are one-story houses that are known for their simplicity and easy accessibility. Bungalows are property types that are well-suited for families and are mostly found in suburban areas, however, they are also becoming a norm in urban centers.

  • Maisonettes:

Unlike bungalows, these two- to four-story houses (based on preference) offer more space. They are often found in gated communities and provide a mix of privacy and community living.

  • Townhouses:

Townhouses are generally like Maisonnettes but are modern multi-story houses often part of a sequence of identical or similar houses in a gated community or sort.

  • Villas:

These are luxurious homes that are primarily located in exclusive environments or neighborhoods. They exhibit high-end amenities and are for those who prefer Lavish Lifestyles.

  • Land:

Yes, land is also a property type in Kenya. Purchasing land allows you room to build or construct your preferred property type.

  • Commercial Properties:

These constitute properties that provide office spaces, retail spaces, industrial spaces, and catering environments and are suitable for entrepreneurial ventures.

  • Cottages and Lodges:

Kenya is well-known as a tourist hub and these calls for cottages and lodges which provide charming and cozy accommodations for travelers. This is also a prime investment opportunity for you when you purchase land in Nanyuki.

Remember, the real estate market in Kenya is diverse and dynamic, meaning you may come across several other property types. Therefore, as you embark on your home-buying journey always seek professional advice when exploring these property types.

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