Embracing the “Plus” in 1 Bedroom plus Apartments

Price: From USD. 50,000    |    Sizes – 72 m2   – 79 m2

Somewhere in the vibrant heart of Lavington, is a modern and spacious 1 bedroom plus apartments for those seeking harmonious blends of comfort and space.

You may ask yourself so what is the “plus” for you if you choose to invest in this prime residential apartments. Well, in this article, Axis Assets Limited will take you through the “plus” advantage that awaits you in Lavington.

Embracing the “Plus” Factor:

Imagine being in a space with a cozy bedroom seamlessly connected to an additional room – a space that wears many hats. We call this your personal sanctuary because this additional room provides versatility allowing you to choose it to serve as,

  • Home office for remote work
  • A special guest room for cherished visitors
  • A creative haven for your studies or meditation
  • Your private escape room to reconnect and align yourself.

Embracing the plus factor of this prime listing allows you to maximize on the bonus feature that makes the 1 bedroom seem more like a 2 bedroom apartment.

The Lavington Advantage:

Located in the upscale neighbourhood of Lavington, these modern 1 bedroom apartments offers an investment lifestyle that balances the city life within the tranquility of a serene environment.

These spaces have been designed to become more than just a residence, but a home where memories are made and dreams find room to grow.

Efficiency at Its Finest:

For the keen and astute investors, the 1 bedroom plus apartments in Lavington is a strategic investment choice. With the rising demand for compact yet functional living spaces in Nairobi, these 1 bedroom plus units are a lucrative avenue to generate rental income or even as an Airbnb investment.

Flexibility of the extra room ensures you have a better market appeal attracting tenants or clients who value space and a touch of luxury in their living spaces.

Your Gateway to Smart Investment:

In the real estate landscape where adaptability is key, the 1-bedroom plus concept is an amazing opportunity. Whether you are considering it as a home investment or a source of ental income, the versatility of the apartment is unmatched.

As you take time to explore the possibilities in our 1-bedtoom plus apartment units in Lavington, envision not just a dwelling but a prime investment opportunity. Embrace the “plus” factor where every square foot is an opportunity waiting to be seized.

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