Ndeiya Area Guide: Why One Should Settle In The Area.

Ndeiya has become one of the fastest-growing towns in Kenya. Ndeiya Area Guide: why one should settle in the area explains more about Ndeiya, why it is the most sought-after place by investors, developers, and realtors. Let’s dive in and get to know more about what Ndeiya offers to its community and the neighbouring counties such as Nairobi and Nakuru. It is located between Kikuyu and...

Five Trends To Watch Out In The Real Estate Sector

As the country recovers steadily from the covid-19 pandemic, the real estate sector is immensely improving. This is due to the growing rate at which millennials need and want to own homes. Additionally, there are other contributing factors such as infrastructure development, urbanization, and the huge growth of the middle-class population. These are some of the trends set to prevail in the following...

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