Why haven’t you made investments in Kitengela so far?

Where to invest in Kitengela area (The Kitengela Satellite Towns)

Part 1
In Kenya, the real estate industry is expanding quickly, making it difficult to “select the ideal
investment location.” Knowing from personal experience that Nairobi was the sole place to
invest in land time and growth changed the notion introducing prime investment areas like
Today, we are going to highlight the key reasons why you should invest in Land in Kitengela.
Why invest in Kitengela?
Kitengela is an already established and fast-growing town located in Kajiado County, around 30
KM southeast of Nairobi. It is well known for its Masaai cultures and a popular residential area
for people working in Nairobi.
Investing in Kitengela has several advantages, including:

Affordable housing:

If you’ve lived in Nairobi and the surrounding area, you know that over time, inexpensive housing in the capital is steadily fading into history. Since then, Kitengela and other adjacent communities have benefited from the availability of affordable homes. In addition, Kitengela town has developed into a desirable option for middle-class families and investors looking for profitable investments.

High demand:

There has been a rapid increase in demand for land and housing in Kitengela due to its close proximity to Nairobi and to accommodate the growing population in the city.

Strategic Location:

Kitengela town is well situated on the Nairobi-Namanga Highway,
making it easily accessible to both Nairobi and Tanzania if you have an eye for business,
trade, and industry. This has increased the Town’s potential growth and made it seem like
a rapidly expanding place to those who live there.

Growing infrastructure:

The Kenyan government has made significant investments in
infrastructure development, making Kitengela a site that is accessible and appealing to
investors. For instance, the Nairobi-Expressway, which was just finished, has cut the
travel time from Nairobi to Kitengela in half, from approximately one and a half hours to
thirty minutes. In addition, the neighborhood appears to be appealing to all individuals
due to the presence of universities, private schools, and entertainment centers.

Potential for future Growth:

Kitengela is still a growing area which means it has a lot of
potential for further growth and expansion. If you are an investor this is the prime time to
invest and grab this prime opportunity for your future satisfaction.
Overally, Kitengela and its environs is a very potential place to settle in, invest in a business or
land banking. However, just like any investment, it’s important to conduct thorough research and
analysis before making a purchase decision.
At Axis Assets Limited, we do all our due diligence to ensure we provide you with the best land & housing
investment options Across Kenya. Call / WhatsApp +254713 133 033 for more information.
Stay tuned for Part 2 – Where to invest in Kitengela area

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