Where to invest in Kitengela area (The Kitengela Satellite Towns)

Where to invest in Kitengela area (The Kitengela Satellite Towns)

Previously, in Part 1 we explained to you why investing in Kitengela offers you a
wealth of chances. Now that you are edging closer to your investment decision, we are going to dig deeper into the investment secrets of Kitengela which we term “The Kitengela Satellite Towns.”
Satellite Towns – A satellite town is a self-contained town that is located close to a larger town. These
towns are typically developed to offer housing, commercial & employment opportunities, and
environmentally friendly amenities to residents who prefer to live nearby or in a more tranquil, suburban
setting than the larger major Town.
The Kitengela Satellite Towns
Owing to the economic and infrastructure growth that Kitengela Town has exhibited in the past
few years in Kajiado County, it is a prime place for investing in land either for residential
purposes, business set-ups, land-banking & speculation among others.
The following are the Key Satellite Towns neighboring Kitengela which you can invest in today!

Acacia Town

Acacia Town – a well-planned gated community located just 4 km from Kitengela Town.
It is a prime residential estate with modern amenities including swimming pools,
playgrounds, and a clubhouse. The serene environment and spacious homes have made
Acacia a top-target for families and those eyeing for a Serene Residential investment


Milimani – is a town situated in the heart of Kitengela Town. It is well known to be a
prime commercial hub having many businesses including supermarkets, banks,
restaurants etc. Milimani area is also segmented for residential buildings and it is a
popular area known to host middle-class families. Therefore it is a town that serves both
commercial and residential purposes.


Enkasiti – is a growing town located along the Nairobi-Namanga road closer to the
Tanzanian border approximately 17 km from Kitengela Town. It is a vibrant town with a
rich cultural heritage and a strong agricultural sector.Enkasiti is also home to several
educational centers including “The Management University of Africa, Amref Health
Africa Training Centre, The Islamic University of Kenya etc.” Besides, Enkasiti has a
serene environment and is home to several tourist attractions such as “The Maasai
Ostrich Farm.


Kisaju – is a growing town on the Nairobi-Namanga Highway located around 20 km
from Kitengela Town with a diverse economy and a growing infrastructure. The town is

    located in a scenic area of Kajiado County with great views of the Ngong Hills, and it has
    become popular among people who work in Nairobi but prefer to live in a more serene
    setting. It is a prime area for real estate investment as many people are seeking to invest
    in the area with a great potential.


    Yukos – is a community located around 7 km from Kitengela town on your way towards
    Athi River. It is a rapidly growing industrial area which is home to several factories and
    warehouses. Yukos is a popular town for workers from the Athi River Export Processing

    New Valley

    New Valley – This is a neighborhood located on the eastern side of Kitengela town. It is a
    residential area that is known for its scenic views of the Nairobi National Park. New
    Valley is popular with people who want to live in a quiet and peaceful environment.
    These Satellite Towns have significantly shown growth in recent years with real estate investors
    coming to the area and identifying its immense potential. The rapid growth of Kitengela Town
    has trickled down to these neighboring Satellite Towns hence being the Prime Investment
    Secret Areas for those seeking to invest in land in Kitengela and its environs.
    Overally, Kitengela and its environs is a very potential place to settle in, invest in a business or
    land banking. However, just like any investment, it’s important to conduct thorough research and
    analysis before making a purchase decision.
    At Axis Assets Limited, we do all our due diligence to ensure we provide you with the best land
    & housing investment options Across Kenya. Call / WhatsApp +254713 133 033 for more

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