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Why Ngong is the Best Investment Area

Located in Kajiado, Kenya, Ngong is one of the fastest-growing residential suburbs in the Nairobi Metropolis. The article Why Ngong is the Best Investment Area sheds more light on why the area is the most sought-after place by investors, developers, and realtors. The word "Ngong" is a Maasai word derived from the word "enkong'u' meaning "the 'eye' of water" or spring from where...

Best Friends Build Their Own Tiny Town

Chances are, you have had the thought of developing a home away from the city together with your close friends. These best friends are actually doing it. The friends outside one of the units The four couples still have some work to do before they can fully move in, but for now they are enjoying their peaceful getaways at their tiny town overflowing with...

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