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Home Haven By Axis Assets Part 5

Property Types In Kenya Begin your new week with property inspiration in Kenya. In part 5 of the Home-Haven series by Axis Assets, we explore Kenya's diverse world of real estate properties. From charming apartments to luxurious townhouses, this article will showcase the captivating journey through Kenya’s finest property types as we help you identify your next dream...

Opportunities to own a house in Kenya

Home-Haven by Axis Assets- Part 3

Opportunities for Owning a House in Kenya The benefits of owning a house in Kenya are unmatched. This investment opportunity provides you with a seamless way to build equity, save for your future, increase your credit, and maximize government tax reliefs. While the real estate market in Kenya keeps on booming, owning a house has increasingly become easier. There are several ways you can own a house...

How to: Buying off-plan properties in Kenya

How to buy off-plan properties in Kenya Purchasing a home before it is finished is known as "off-plan buying." By using this method, you may be able to purchase a home for less than the going market rate, creating a possible opportunity for profit with the prospect of rising home values. In Kenya, first-time homebuyers and seasoned investors are choosing to buy off-plan due to the challenges in...

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